Parties should be about good times.  But if you, or your friends break the law while you are having a good time you could do more than ruin a good night.  You can end up in trouble that affects your whole life. 

‘mynite’ provides a basic summary of some of the most relevant laws that apply to you and your friends when you are out having fun.  Even if you have not turned 18, most of these laws will apply to you.

IMPORTANT:  This information is provided by the New South Wales Police Force as a general resource about the laws of New South Wales for young people.  It is not given as legal advice, and you should not rely upon it for the purposes of legal advice.  If you are charged with an offence, you should contact a lawyer to get your own legal advice:  see the ‘Busted’ section called ‘Where can I go if I need a lawyer or legal advice?’ for some links to places where you can get legal advice.

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